How it Works

Events on Forekast are posted and voted on by the community. As votes accumulate, the most interesting events rise to the top, creating a clear timeline of the best upcoming events.

Users can then add comments to share even more knowledge. Comments allow users to discuss and share interesting and helpful information which the original poster may not know.

Subscribe or unsubscribe from various categories, to see only what you want. All events belong to categories, called 'subkasts', which makes it easy to customize your experience.

Set reminders to keep track of the events you really don't want to miss. From the home page it's easy to add an event to your calendar so you never miss events you're excited about.

Get weekly emails of the top events. Every week we send out an email detailing which events have gotten the most votes, and which are the most interesting, so you're always in the loop.

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What About Local Events?

We love local events! Our current focus is on bringing you events that are accessible no matter where you live and to do it really well. However, the idea for Forekast was born with local events in mind and we hope to build local functionality soon!