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Never walk into a meeting again without knowing what’s going on tomorrow, next week, next month, and beyond. Forekast gives you an unprecedented look at all of the coolest events happening around the world.

What events does Forekast cover?

Forekast has the most comprehensive coverage of all the event calendars on the internet. Our feed of events is brought to you by our editorial team as well as the Forekast community so you can leverage the collective knowledge of the crowd.

We cover categories like…

How it works

Award Votes

Events on Forekast are posted and voted on by the community. As votes accumulate, the most popular events rise to the top, creating a clear timeline of the best upcoming events.

Set Reminders

It’s easy to add an event to your personal calendar so you never miss events you’re excited about. Or, share them on your favorite social media app for later. We’ve got you covered.

Add Comments

Users can add tips and updates to events to further enhance the content. Comments allow users to share awesome information which may not have been included in the original post.

Get Mail

Get the best of the week in your inbox. We send out an email each Monday detailing the hottest events of the week infused with our brand of witty banter, so you’re always infotained.

Customize Subkasts

All events belong to categories, called “subkasts”, which makes it easy to customize your experience. Subscribe to various subkasts of interest to tailor your calendar to you.

Sync it with your calendar

Forekast was made to make your life simpler, so we designed it to sync with your calendar whether its Gmail, Apple, or Microsoft. When you join Forekast, all of our most important events will show up right where you need it most.

Sync it with your calendar

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